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A well managed self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can give you flexibility, investment choice, and control over the management of your superannuation benefits.

When you’re getting the right advice from a financial planner, your SMSFs can offer additional tax savings opportunities over the retail and industry funds.

If you’re a business owner, your SMSF can be used to purchase assets for your business. The most common loan we organise for our SMSF clients are loans to purchase commercial buildings so that that a business can own outright the building it operates from.

We work closely with several financial advisors to help with these types of loans to be put through for small business owners who have an SMSF.

Every sound investment strategy starts with the goals and objectives of the client.

Superannuation is no different and apart from your health – Your Super is your biggest asset and needs to have regular attention to ensure that your money is working to the best level in the current financial markets.

Since self-managed superannuation funds are established with the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits to the fund members, it’s essential that retirement objectives are the focus of your first meeting with our expert advisors.

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