Car Finance

Choosing a price range, and obtaining a preapproved loan, may put you in an excellent position to barter on the price.  Everyone loves a deal!

We’ll assist you through the process, assessing the best lender for your circumstances.

Finance and lease options available for personal consumers, ABN holders, and business owners.

Hire Purchase, Novated Lease, with payments affordable to suit your budget. Read here for more information about Chattel Mortgages and leases.

Low doc, full doc, servicing all types of credit applicants – clear and adverse applicants.

Full Doc  Loans – usually PAYG or Business Clients who have their financials completed for the last 2 Years.

Low Doc Loans may suit those who do not have their Full Tax Returns ready but still need a vehicle – usually suited for the Self Employed.  There are different reasons why you may choose low doc.  Tax liabilities may be triggered, bookkeeping may not be organised, restructuring of business entities are a few examples.

Property Owners can usually access sharper interest rates as you are backed by assets – speak to us about your choices.

Sometimes Car Finance is also a Personal Loan especially if the vehicle is an older car, classic vehicle or specialised, such as a kit model, one off design.  We can secure the loan against the vehicle for a better interest rate.

.If you have more questions – See our page on Car and Personal Loans FAQ’s or call us 0403 211 361

Purchasing your first car, or motorbike can be a daunting process for the uninitiated.
Here are our tips for getting a car loan

As an ABN Holder, you’ll have some great products available to you for finance – up to $250,000.

Salary Sacrifice – have you heard about how to reduce your taxable income by salary sacrificing through the purchase of a motor vehicle?

Have a default on your credit file? 

Discuss your situation with us as we may have a few solutions for you.

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We have partnered with a Car Broker to buy your new vehicle - which can save you thousands of dollars.

One of our satisfied clients saved $6000 on the purchase of the new vehicle. This was the difference between buying a used vehicle and a new vehicle.

New to buying a vehicle and not sure which model would suit your lifestyle and family? Space in the back of the car for shopping, sports for the kids, big campers not yet ready for the trailer. All these things matter for you and your family.

If you are not very experienced with cars, that's totally fine! Use our experience to find out the best vehicle for your family. Don't deal with the pushy salesman who make you feel silly or inferior, organise your finance and choose your vehicle without taking one step into a car yard. We are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have relating to your vehicle, including different insurances you may need.

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Asset & Vehicle Finance Options

Boat &Jetski Loans

Looking to buy a jet ski or a boat?

Would like to know the payments before you commit?

We can assist with the planning and let you know what you can expect as far as payments are concerned.

Caravan Loans

The ultimate dream and is not just reserved for retirees. More and more young families are choosing to buy a caravan, for the comfort and reliability factor. Families are so busy these days, and creating memories for your family can become a part of your family tradition.

Vehicle Trade In

If you currently have a vehicle and would like to trade the vehicle in, but have a loan attached to the vehicle, you may be able to incorporate any loss into your new loan. 

Car Insurance

Insurance for your asset will be required for the term of the finance, and you will be able to  earn the difference with the types of insurance available to you, from comprehensive insurance through to loan protection insurance.

Questions About Vehicle Finance? We'll Put You On The Right Road!

Easy or Complex, we’ll tailor a loan solution for you!