Home Loans - FAQs

Home Loans

Usually 5 – 10% depending upon the lender. We have over 30 lenders, so we will help you with your options

Genuine savings is over 3 months, and yes, there may be lenders who will allow you to purchase with funds in your account less than 3 months.

Contact us to discuss your options, as there are solutions out there

Yes we do, and we are aware of the rebates available to you, even if you have retired and receive a pension.

Speak with us first for a pre-approved loan, so we can guide you through the steps to making an offer on a property. Take the stress out of the process by speaking with us, so we can act in your interests. Real Estate agents act in the interest of the vendor (seller), not you as the buyer.

This differs from state to state, with Queensland residents eligible for $20,000 for new constructions. The grant is available for properties valued at less than $750,000. Note: from 1 July 2018 this grant will drop to $15,000.

Stamp Duty may be waived for a First Home Owner (government duties still apply). Each state is different for stamp duty, and concessions for first home owners Legal fees can be $1000 – $2000, so please shop around for the service. Application fees and valuation fees usually apply from the lenders, and settlement fees from the lenders legal department. Each fee differs from lender to lender – with total fees approximately $1,500 Building and pest inspections can cost about $600, so check with a few providers for an estimate. Mortgage insurance is applicable to all loans over 80% of the value of the home. This figure will differ from lender to lender. Building Insurance will be required upon formal approval of your loan and this figure will be affected by the location, condition, and other factors. Moving costs and rates for the property will be other considerations.

The short answer is yes it is possible. There will be restrictions for your loan, but this is based on your own individual circumstances

Investment Purchase

You will need a deposit of approximately 10%, plus the stamp duty. The stamp duty will differ from state to state. Legal fees will also apply, and mortgage insurance, if the loan is more than 80% of the loan. Building insurance will apply, as will tenants insurance. Management fees will also be a cost to you, as an investor. Land tax may be applicable, depending upon the current legislation.

We have access to software to help establish the costs of your property, and how it will impact your current financial situation. This is very beneficial if you are in receipt of payments which are impacted by the gearing.

Yes, we can structure the loan to be tax effective, depending upon if the property is negative geared, neutral, or positive geared.

Refinancing Your Current Loan

Renovations can be costly. We need to establish whether the loan will be a construction loan, or if you can access funds from your home

Yes, we can look at this situation and ensure your loan is tax effective

All income will be used to assess your maximum borrowing capacity including PAYG income, centrelink, child support, investment income, pensions.

Yes this is possible, and will rely upon the value of your home plus your home loan and debts to be paid out.

We need to establish the costs for finance and would recommend you also see your accountant for advice.

This is possible, and will rely upon your current home loan and the debts you would like to pay out.