Personal Loans FAQs

Personal Loans

Yes you can, and the figure can be adjusted depending upon the purpose of
your funds (eg car purchase).

Car loans require the car to be no older than 12 years at the end of the term (can change from lender to lender), whereas a personal loan does not.

By making additional payments you will pay less interest and reduce the term of the loan.  A termination fee may apply.

Interest and payments vary depending on the finance product identified as best suiting your circumstance.  The age of the vehicle, your source of income, and if you own your own home or rent are all factors which affect the interest rate of your loan.

Applying for a car with finance with us is simple and quick.  You will need your Drivers Licence, and your last 2 payslips and/or Centrelink Income Statement. Other documents will be required for ABN holders.

Yes we can have a look at your situation.  As brokers, we have a wide range of lenders to choose from.  Having a declined application does not mean you can’t get finance elsewhere.   We will look at the reasons why, and try and find a solution to suit your situation.

Yes, because we need to verify information about you, such as your employment and residency. We recommend you let your employer and/or property manager know that we might contact them.

Applying for finance is free! Only once you enter into an agreement with George Financial Services Pty Ltd will you be required to make payments. Your payments are outlined in the repayment schedule attached to your contract. The amount and frequency depends on the type of car and finance, your initial payment and your current financial circumstance.