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Property Investment

Have you been considering buying an investment property?

Many people love the thought of investing in their financial future, by buying an investment property.

However, property investment may not suit all families depending upon your stage in life.

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Some factors to consider

  • Age at the time you apply for your investment property
  • Family situation – single or a family, access to additional income or sole provider?
  • Are you able to afford the repayments, even if you choose to pay interest only? Your payments can revert to Principal and Interest Payments quicker than you expect
  • Liquidity – do you have extra cash resources which can be maintained, if you make the decision to sell your investment property to counteract any possible losses
  • Diversity – do you have any existing investment properties which you have or want to purchase in the same area, exposing you to risk?
  • Rental return – what happens when your rental return reduces due to development in the area


  • Set and attain your Financial Goals
  • Diversify your investment for retirement
  • Sub Division opportunities
  • Supplement your income with rental income

Questions? We'll help you invest wisely!

Property Investment may or may not be for everyone; however, this may depend upon your own personal situation. 

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