Personal Loans

Need to get control of life? Have a dream to fulfil?

There are many other reasons you may need a personal loan,  we can find an option where your personal loan can either be fixed or variable over the maximum period of 7 years.

We provide finance for the following:

  • Personal items
  • Household Items
  • Holidays
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Debt Consolidation – Credit Cards
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Home Renovations
  • Moving Costs

The funds could be used for renovations, purchase of a car or bike, holidays, moving costs, relocation, or any other purpose.

Using an asset as security may result in the interest being lowered.  Conditions apply for each lender.

Responsible management of your personal loan could see you pay thousands of dollars less, so please discuss with us if you would like to know more.

High Quality Products & Services

finding it hard to cope

Loan Consolidation

For some applicants, consolidating your debt may help you achieve your financial goals. Some factors to consider:

  • Increased term of the loan may mean you pay extra interest over the term of the loan
  • Check your income, to ensure you can comfortably afford your loan consolidation
  • Consider your current conduct for your current debts – late payments can affect your chances for approval, however, this may not be a deal breaker for some lenders
  • Defaults on your credit file – in some cases the defaults may be able to be removed, please discuss your situation with us

Questions? What if you experience financial hardship?

If your circumstances change, talk to us, as we may be able to recommend options with your lender or refer you to a financial counsellor.  

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