Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Brisbane Debt Consolidation

Too many debts, different dates vs when you are paid can be a juggle.  One payment can make all the difference in your situation.

Life changes can impact your ability to pay your debts.  More recently we’re seeing people experience a reduction of income, and changes affecting jobs.

Debt Consolidation requires a few checks – credit check, loan conduct, income and debts. 

Late payments on a few debts?  Your situation will be assessed and you’ll be supported to make your loan ready to consolidate.  We’ll know which loans to leave out, and which ones we’re able to include.

Your credit file is now tracking your conduct on your current debts.  This can affect your loan application, and cause a loan to be declined.

Current debts and previous debts have a 2 year history showing if you paid your debts on time.

Paying your debts on time is pretty important to keep your credit file clean, so you’re an ideal loan applicant.  Late payments on your debts can flag a client, causing problems for your loan.

Maybe you experienced a sudden loss of income – illness/accident/maternity leave/domestic violence/job loss.  This is very common during these times.

Juggling your debts and knowing which one to pay first can be very stressful.

We can assist by identifying the problem, and seeing if we’re able to negotiate with lenders to remove the adverse conduct on your credit file.

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