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Ready for a loan but your financials aren’t prepared?  There are many reasons why you don’t have your financials prepared. 

Large purchases in your business through the year may leave little in the way of income.  There are many varied reasons why your tax returns are not ready to lodge.

The interest rates will be a bit higher – that’s true. 
If you are looking for a low-interest loan, you are best to see your accountant to prepare your financials.

Not everyone will be suited for a Low Doc Loan.  You’ll be required to have a 20% Deposit to start with or have 20% equity in your existing home. 
We can help you work out your figures to see if you are ready to lodge your loan.

You may have one low year and one high year in your business financials as well. In this instance, we do have a few lenders who can take into account the most recent year’s income – these lenders interest rates are quite low as well.

So stop worrying or putting the groundwork off.
We can help many business owners who think that they are not ready to apply for finance.
Let’s sit down and have a chat about your situation.

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Low Doc Loans Brisbane

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Asset & Vehicle Finance Options

Boat &Jetski Loans

Looking to buy a jet ski or a boat?

  • Would like to know the payments before you commit?
  • We can assist with the planning and let you know what you can expect as far as payments are concerned.

Caravan Loans

The ultimate dream and is not just reserved for retirees. More and more young families are choosing to buy a caravan, for the comfort and reliability factor. Families are so busy these days, and creating memories for your family can become a part of your family tradition.

Vehicle Trade In

If you currently have a vehicle and would like to trade the vehicle in, but have a loan attached to the vehicle, you may be able to incorporate any loss into your new loan. 

Car Insurance

Insurance for your asset will be required for the term of the finance, and you will be able to  earn the difference with the types of insurance available to you, from comprehensive insurance through to loan protection insurance.

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