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Trish Skeen has worked in the financial services industry since 2002, after a significant period of time working with small business and understands about putting the client first.

Small business clients have very particular needs, and Trish has been able to build on her previous experience to assist her clients.  Recognition for her work ethic and customer service has been recognized by various lenders.

Outside of work, Trish runs a nonprofit group for families, and dedicates time to her family, photography, camping & travelling.

Ken’s many years of experience are an asset to any business that requires commercial equipment finance. It is this level of experience, which enables Ken to match his clients with the best possible products that most appropriately satisfy their needs.

Ken has a large and diverse client base, and has been involved with a large number of his clients to assist with building their business. Ken attributes his success to always putting his clients’ needs first and foremost.

Outside of work, Ken’s interests are his family, collecting and restoring cars, 4-wheel driving, and camping.

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