Ready to Buy Your Property - When Your Relationship On The Way Out

If your relationship is a bit on the rocky side but you don’t want to miss the boat buying your property, you can come to a bit of a crossroads.

Some relationships are a relationship of convenience, yet for other people it may be true love, and your soulmate.  Relationships can change over time as well – starting out as true love and reduced to convenience. 

Some relationships may benefit from couples counselling – after all you may have trouble trying to communicate your intent to buy property.  Or your partner may come from a family where buying a home was not a priority.

Other times you may may decide to be truthful with yourself and know there is a time limit to this relationship and you need to plan for your future regardless.  Some of us may not be ready to finish the relationship for different reasons.  Hope is very powerful.  It can also mean your financial future is being delayed.  Look at your job, your profession, and upskilling to make your dream of buying property a reality.  Reflect on your debts as well.  Some partners are pushing for more debt which can leave you feeling trapped and basically sabotaged so you don’t achieve your dream of saving your deposit.

So is there a way that you can buy with all this conflict in the background?  Property can be disputed and form a part of a property settlement which can be very painful when you have put your heart and soul into buying a property.  At this stage you are best to speak with your solicitor to see what your options.  Buying an owner occupied property, and buying an investment property may need different strategies.