Money and Mindset

Money and Mindset

For some of us, we have come from a variety of backgrounds and influences when it comes to money. You may have learned money habits from your family, and you feel that you have no chance of achieving your financial goals. Or you may come from a family where there was a plentiful mindset, but the reality hits you that you have to actually provide the money yourself.

Understanding your obstacles when it comes to money can be a real reality check about your beliefs, but also your ability to be able to attain the financial goals you have set yourself.

Before you totally reject your family’s beliefs, just remember that the mindset could have come from a different time. The support and education available now was not always available then, and there have been some very hard times financially in the past so try and be understanding about where your family and friends have come from.

However, you can change the cycle, set up your financial goals, and surround yourself with like minded people. You’ll be responsible for your own personal growth in this area, and yes, there will be work you need to do for yourself, at your own pace, to transform into the type of person you want to become.

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