Buying a Home

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Are you thinking about buying a home?

There are a few things we need to check to make sure it is smooth sailing for your purchase.  Your income will be just as important as your credit file.  In our business, we do all the hard work for you before applying for a home loan, so we can take care of all the possible speed bumps.

Worried about a default from years ago? 

Please let us know, so we can provide a solution for you.  Some lenders will allow your default, whether paid or unpaid.  It comes down to your individual situation.

Have enough money for the deposit, but it’s a struggle to find the money for the mortgage insurance?  

We may have a solution for you.

You may be buying your own home for the first time, or you may have been out of the property market for some time, or possibly looking to refinance the home loan after a separation or divorce.  Our qualified brokers will be able to assist you through the process, and will work hand in hand with other professionals.

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First Time Home Owners

Home ownership is the ultimate Australian dream. Feeling confused? Our brokers will educate you along the way so you understand how the process works.

With over 30 lenders to choose from, our brokers will assess and recommend the best lender/s for your situation.

Whether you wish to buy and established home for space, or if you prefer to build instead, we can assist you throughout the process.

Applying for a Preapproved loan, will usually last for 3 months, and give you the confidence to apply for a loan, or make an offer.

Investing with Self Managed Superannuation – Residential Property

This is a specialty area, and an area we are very experienced with.

If you are seeking to invest with your superannuation, you need to be aware of the superannuation balance recommended. We will work towards your situation in conjunction with your accountant and/or financial planner.

Investing with your superannuation is a highly compliant, and regulatory and is not for the feint hearted.

Speak with us about the benefits, and the products which are available to you.

Investment Purchase

Buying your first investment home can be a part of your wealth creation strategy for the future.

You will learn about tax effectiveness, depreciation schedules, addbacks, land tax and gearing.

Choosing the right property in the right area is critical and your choice will affect your capital growth and anticipated rental return.

Looking at an NRAS property? There are some very significant tax benefits when purchasing a property with an NRAS certificate.

We are finding many first home owners are choosing to buy their first home as an investment first, so that they can travel the world, and move around with their career as their career progresses. Please discuss with us so you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages about your choice.

Refinancing Your Current Loan

Refinancing your home loan may be something you want to consider if your circumstances have changed – your family has increased, your job may have changed, or you may have car loans and personal loans that is making it difficult for you to apply for a loan.

How much does it cost to change lenders? Will I be charged any other fees? Will I be any better off financially by making the change? Understanding the costs are very important, and weighing up the advantage of changing lenders.

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With access to over 35 lenders we can help you find your perfect match whatever your situation.

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